What is the Courageous Strategic Transformation? 

The Courageous Strategic Transformation (CST) is a comprehensive strategic planning process. This inclusive process challenges the entire University community to examine our strengths, identify priorities and values, then develop identifiable, specific, and measurable goals. The result will be a comprehensive strategic plan that serves as a beacon for the university’s work through 2026, the Colorado sesquicentennial.  

Where can I find the Courageous Strategic Transformation document?

The plan can be found here.
The operational framework can be found here. This is the first iteration of the operational framework and we expect to make changes as we progress.
The video with the CST launch can be found here.
The power point presentation to the Board of Governors can be found here.

What’s happening next with the CST?

It’s important that we set realistic timelines and priorities for implementation. Our team is developing our project management plan and when complete it will be published here. We are working to identify groups already working on goals and strategies and will create new groups as needed. Colleges and units are working on their plans to align them with CST. These timelines and priorities will be created by the end of the semester.

Where can I go to learn more about the inspiration proposals that were submitted and funded?

Stay tuned to this site! We’ll be doing interviews with some proposers and providing more information as these come to fruition.

What does the CST mean for me in my day-to-day duties?

A big thing that we’re excited about for the CST is that it will result in operational efficiencies that should make your working experiences smoother and create bandwidth to find fun ways to get engaged in the CST.  Your work might include directly tackling one of our strategic imperatives, or finding ways to align your work with the CST. The project management plan will identify more specifics for employees and students

What are the keys to implementation?

  • Budget empowers strategy
  • Culture drives excellence
  • Mission shapes decisions

Can you tell me more about the budget remodel process?

We outlined a budget remodel process in the operational framework. Transforming a university budget is a lot of work! We are determined to be thoughtful, inclusive, and wise about how we put resources into the priorities we identify. We are currently determining the process of identifying consultants to assist with the process and putting together an inclusive, representative financial excellence group.