From the President

Joyce McConnell

Our world is increasingly connected and rapidly changing, presenting daunting challenges and incredible opportunities to those willing to lead. I am grateful and proud that the people of Colorado State University—our students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and partners—have never been faint of heart. Instead, we have the courage and conviction our world needs and we’re forging a bold, trailblazing path—one that requires an equally bold action plan.

Colorado State’s Courageous Strategic Transformation is that plan.

This holistic, high-level strategy lays the groundwork on which to build the future of our institution, our students, our community, and our planet. It will serve as our North Star—a steadfast, illuminating, transparent, and inclusive vision to help us effectively navigate the uncertainty ahead, build on our strengths as Colorado State University System’s flagship, pursue greatness, and prepare our students to lead.

We created this strategic plan with the goals of nurturing our talent, enriching our community, and reinforcing CSU’s standing as a leader in learning, understanding, discovery, and change. This blueprint will prepare us to courageously and comprehensively address the daunting challenges, both predicted and unforeseen, facing our nation and our world.

The plan builds upon CSU’s 150-year commitment to use learning, research, and engagement to improve the human condition. With it to guide us, we do not hesitate to take our commitment boldly forward: we explicitly recognize that to sustain human life and wellbeing for the future we must accept the interconnectedness of planetary and human health, of living and nonliving systems. And we affirm that sustainable solutions must be interdisciplinary, ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable.

Our Courageous Strategic Transformation builds on our proven prowess in planetary and human health and embraces the critical relevance of all disciplines to learning, understanding, discovery, and change. In the plan we call upon everyone at CSU to work across disciplines, as well as with businesses and partners, to help solve the world’s greatest challenges. We also set aspirational and tangible goals for making cutting-edge research and learning available to all and for strengthening ties to Colorado’s rural communities. In short, this plan is a framework for building a stronger future.

In that bold new future, Colorado State will lead the world on solutions to global climate change, health, agriculture, and economic, environmental, and social sustainability, while remaining a devoted and adept caretaker of our state.

I came to Colorado State because of my deep commitment to the unique land-grant mission of access, service, and solutions. I am incredibly proud that with our Courageous Strategic Transformation, we are doubling down on both that fundamental mission and the work we do every day to fulfill it. This plan represents the collective perspectives and efforts of thousands of stakeholders from across our diverse community. I’m deeply grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone who contributed to this plan and I’m excited for where it will take us.

Our extraordinary community has already achieved so much; now our sights are set on solving the world’s most pressing problems, with courage, conviction, and our eyes on our North Star. By working together to achieve CSU’s Courageous Strategic Transformation, we will realize a stronger, bolder, and more just and sustainable future for our world

Joyce McConnell