Mission, Vision, Values & Commitment


CSU is a public, land-grant university that measures excellence through inclusive student access, success, and lifelong learning, and by leveraging academics, research, creativity, and engagement to drive solutions to current and future local and global challenges to human and planetary health and well-being.


Our university colors are green and gold, selected to honor our agricultural history; green represents alfalfa and gold represents wheat. Today, we continue to cultivate the green – a sustainable, thriving planet – and the gold – a flourishing humanity – in all we do.


To accomplish our Mission our community must work collectively with shared values. We value both the head and the heart and believe the best is accomplished when human connection and understanding bridge difference. The values listed below complement CSU’s longstanding Principles of Community (Inclusion – Integrity – Respect – Service – Social Justice).


Our community welcomes and supports diverse people and perspectives.


Our community embraces curiosity, offering an open academic environment that fosters the creative advancement of knowledge through discovery, preservation, and application.


Our community and the individuals within it seek excellence in all we do. We recognize that both community and individual growth and meaningful accomplishment require courage, innovation, and focus.


CSU will thrive into the future as it empowers members of its community to live fulfilling and successful lives.


Engagement drives service, extension, and experiential learning. It’s collaborative and community focused. CSU engages with individuals and communities throughout Colorado and around the world by focusing our lifelong learning, research, skills, and time on making the world a better place for all.


CSU believes we will solve challenges to environmental, plant, animal and human health and well-being through discovery, creativity, and innovation, and by leveraging interdisciplinary teams that understand that human health and well-being are dependent upon a sustainable, thriving planet and a flourishing humanity. To put this belief into action, CSU commits its academics, research (foundational, theoretical, and translational), creativity, and engagement to the following activation areas:

  • Climate change, environmental health, and sustainable ecosystems, including water resources and clean and sustainable energy.
  • Animal, plant, and human health and biodiversity.
  • Safe, secure, and environmentally and economically sustainable food production to safeguard local and global food security.
  • Individual and community strength and prosperity.
  • Inclusive excellence focused on student access and success within an extended learning community characterized by curiosity and belonging.
  • Equity, social justice, and human rights.
  • Civic engagement.
  • Dialogue that ethically engages difference.
  • Lifelong learning.